A Dramatic Impact

Over the past few weeks community coordinators have been teaching villagers about the basics of good health through dramatic performances.

The cornerstone of good health is knowledge. OneVillage Partners’ latest initiative aims to impart that knowledge by empowering communities to take charge of their own health through education and engagement. Key components of this program include the distribution of posters encouraging hand washing and good hygiene that were designed by the Ministry of Health, the formation of student health clubs to keep school grounds clean and encourage good hygiene amongst friends and family, and the training of teachers and community health coordinators to serve as leaders of health and hygiene in the community.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our initiative is the active engagement of community members. In each of the three villages in which we work, there are two community health club coordinators and two school health coordinators. Over the past few weeks, all 12 coordinators have come together to create and preform dramatic skits in each village in order to promote hand washing, clean water usage, and good sanitation. The coordinators have fully embraced their new jobs as comedic actors and audiences are obviously having a great time.

There has currently been one performance per village for a total of three. All have experienced excellent turn out. Due to the success of the previous performances, additional skits have been scheduled over the course of the next two months.  While we will not know the full impact of this program on community health for the next few months, initial indications have been extremely encouraging. Coordinators say that people are really listening to their lessons, and they couldn’t be more pleased.

-Catherine Roman

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