Improve the quality of life of hardworking Sierra Leoneans with a tax-deductible donation!


To mail a donation,  please make your check out to OneVillage Partners and mail to the following address:

OneVillage Partners

2104 Stevens Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55404


OneVillage Partners welcomes gifts of stock!

Here is what you need to know if you are considering donating stock to OVP:

We receive stock donations through our Charles Schwab account. Our account name is OneVillage Partners, the account number is 2959-9372, and our DTC number is 0164.  All gifts of stock, once transferred from the donor’s broker to Charles Schwab, are immediately sold. This may be helpful in helping you to determine the timing of your stock donation, in order to ensure that your gift will have the greatest possible impact. To ensure that your gift is acknowledged, please also send an email to Andrea Roeger ( with your name, the stock name, and the number of shares.



100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to the villages, which means you directly help support 5,000 people residing in Jokibu, Foindu, and Pujehun.

Your donation has tremendous impact on those who live on less than a dollar a day. The average income for a villager is 53 cents a day, which includes food grown and consumed by the families.

OneVillage Partners has successfully raised approximately $100,000 per year since 2004 thanks to the many committed individuals who have donated. These donations have provided roofs, learning materials, mosquito nets, access to credit, school scholarships, small business loans, and more! Be part of rural village development and help put smiles on the faces of the villagers.

Your donation of any size has a tremendous impact on the people of Sierra Leone!

How far can your dollar go in Sierra Leone?

Given the exchange rate and economy in Sierra Leone, one dollar goes farther than most people can imagine.

Here are some examples of how far your donation can go in education:

Provides a high school student with tuition for an entire year

Supplies a primary school with a first aid kit filled with gauze, gloves, pain medications, scissors, soap, and rubbing alcohol

Provides a 4 week summer school program for 800 primary school students taught by 70 secondary school students

Click on the photo gallery below to see some of the impact donation dollars have. The villagers and OneVillage thank you for your support!


Donation dollars hard at work!

See how far donations reach in this gallery - from scholarships to roofs.