What We Do

OneVillage believes successful and sustainable development is hinged on systemic, long term growth informed by research and technology.

We have two general purposes: (1) To holistically support long-term, sustainable development in 3 rural Sierra Leonean villages and (2) To use this experience to develop a replicable model.

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For our work in village development, we operate in 5 distinct, yet mutually-reinforcing, areas. Growth in one area undoubtedly affects success in another area. For example, with greater crop yields households are better able to practice nutrition, which results in healthier children who are better able to concentrate in school.

To build a model of rural development, we are learning from both qualitative and quantitative data from the villages what works and what doesn’t. Our hope is to develop a usable model that will be freely available on the internet. As our organization grows, additional time and energy will be spent towards refining the model.