Building A Model

OneVillage wants to do more than improve the quality of life in 3 rural villages in Sierra Leone. We are utilizing development in these 3 villages to develop and inform a replicable model for rural African development.

The model is expected to have 3 phases: relief, community development, and economic development leading towards village self-sufficiency. These phases will have fluid boundaries with some activities under one phase continuing into the next phase or beginning previous to the conclusion of the earlier phase. In this manner, the phases provide a conceptual framework for OneVillage to assess our work and its direction. The time line for the model may change, yet is currently proposed as a 10 year model, which is ambitious. Although OneVillage does not want to limit our work with villages by setting a specified end date, however, we need to be mindful of the dangers of dependency that can easily be created through such long term relationships.

Additionally, OneVillage views the current 3 villages of Jokibu, Foindu, and Pujehun as the foundation of rural economic growth for the Kailahun district. As household incomes rise in the 3 villages, other villages benefit from increased availability of goods and services, children of other villages may attend the higher quality primary school present in the villages, access to transportation options to get goods to market increase, and so on. OneVillage will also expand to other nearby villages as program management in the original 3 villages decreases. Although OneVillage will not be able to work with all villages, villages in the area will benefit from our investments in the local area.

Conceptual growth of rural village economies

As mentioned previously, OneVillage believes firmly in holistic and comprehensive development. We invest across 5 program areas, which serve to mutually reinforce one another. Benefits from one area serve to support improvements in other areas. Conversely, failure in one area will undoubtedly undermine progress in the other areas as well. For this reason, it is crucial to OneVillage’s success that steady and slow improvements are made or maintained in all areas simultaneously.

Flowchart identifying mutually reinforcing program areas