Currently, village development and the associated programming and administration occupies around 90% of our staff time. See additional details about our program areas by clicking on the area-specific pages.

Over the last 5 years, some of our most notable activities are:

- Over 550 bags of rice to bridge the Hungry Season and encourage villagers to return after the war
- 400 corrugated zinc roofs installed
- 1,000 mosquito nets distributed
- 6 wells constructed, 2 per village
- 3 nut grinders provided to women’s agricultural groups
- 150 55-gallon metal drums for palm oil storage
- Over 220 shovels for use in farming
- $4000 in rice seed
- Annual 4 week summer school program benefiting 800 students since 2007
- Approximately 1,000 annual scholarships across 5 years
- Over $15,000 invested in educational supplies
- A $35,000 school addition that provided 3 new classrooms
- Construction of 3 birthing houses (1 per village) with furniture
- Approximately 500 micro loans

We continue to invest in the lives of the 5,000 villagers across Jokibu, Foindu, and Pujehun and work alongside them in partnership for village development.