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Voices from Sierra Leone: Jennifer Artibello, Country Director

In the villages of Sierra Leone, the outbreak of the Ebola Virus is affecting us deeply. In our time here, we have developed such great relationships with the communities and villages we‘ve worked with for so many years—and in the three new villages … [Read More...]

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Health Ministers Conclude Emergency Summit on Ebola

On Wednesday, July 2 Health Ministers of eleven African Nations met with health experts, World Health Organization officials, Aid Organizations and survivors of the Ebola Virus for a two day summit on containment and crisis strategies. The … [Read More...]

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Ebola’s Surge in Sierra Leone Requires Emergency Action for OneVillage Partners

As hopes of containing the Ebola Virus are fading, OneVillage Partners (OVP) is responding to the emerging crisis with the intent to keep staff safe, and to do whatever we can to support the villages by offering preventative measures to maintain … [Read More...]

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