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Me and Iye Brima

An Intern’s Adventures in Sierra Leone: A Wedding and a Funeral

As her time in Sierra Leone comes to a close, Alissa encounters a wedding and a funeral that perfectly sum up the nature of life and change in Foindu. While staying in Foindu, I am constantly reminded that life is continuing as usual, even though … [Read More...]

Sierra Leone Plymouth Partnership May 2007 TH photos 355

An Intern’s Adventures in Sierra Leone: Part 6

After a brief interruption, Alissa continues to share her experiences in Sierra Leone. In this installment, she spends a late morning and afternoon trying her hand as a basket weaver, playing village games, trying not to worry about children's … [Read More...]

A woman carries tangerines.

An Intern’s Adventures in Sierra Leone: Part 5

In this installment of our blog, our wonderful intern shares one of her mornings in Sierra Leone with us. Hi OVP! This week I thought it would be best to share a picture of a typical day of my life in the villages, and my random observations … [Read More...]

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